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How To Convert Word To PDF

March 11, 2015 | By | No Comments

PDF file can be used in whatever platform such as windows,Unix and Mac OS, So it is used very common. I introduce several methods about converting word to pdf now. I hope this will be help to you.

1, the version of office 2007

We should to download the plug-in (save-as-pdf-and-xps) supported by Microsoft.
When it is installed,we can find it in the save as menu.


2, the version of office 2003

Because Microsoft has not provided the plug-in,so we should use another method to accomplish it.We should to use pdf virtual printer,let’s introduce two free plug-ins:

  1. BullzipPDFPrinter virtual printer

The Bullzip PDF Printer works as a Microsoft Windows printer and allows you to write PDF documents from virtually any Microsoft Windows application.

This program is FREEWARE with limitations, which means that there is a FREE version for personal and commercial use up to 10 users. It does not contain any advertising or popups. For commercial applications with more than 10 users there are commercial versions available with advanced features.


Print to PDF from almost any Windows program.

Supports 64-bit operating systems.

Direct output to the same file each time or prompt for destination.

Control if the printer should ask if you want to see the resulting PDF document.

Control output and prompts programmatically.

Setup can run unattended.

Graphical user interface.

Password protect PDF documents.

AES 256/128 bit encryption and standard 128/40 bit encryption.

Quality settings (screen, printer, ebook, prepress).

Set document properties.

Watermark text, size, rotation, and transparency.

Superimpose/background documents.

Appending/prepending documents.

User interface control.

Linearized PDF documents for fast web view.

PDF/A-1b support for long time storage of PDF documents.

Signing of PDF documents using digital certificates.

Command line interface to all settings.

COM/ActiveX interface for programmatic control.

Microsoft.NET API for C#, VB.NET, and other .NET development.

Support for Citrix MetaFrame

Support for Windows Terminal Server

Multiple output types supported: BMP, JPEG, PCX, PDF, PNG, and TIFF.

Upload document using FTP or SFTP protocol.


  1. TinPDF virtual printer

TinyPDF is one of the world smallest PDF creation software. 586KB!

Create professional quality PDF files from virtually any printable document.


 No adware, No spyware, No malware, No watermarks, No popup – no catch!

 Completely FREE PDF Converter and Creator – not just a demo or trial version.

 Print to PDF from virtually any Windows application.

 No GhostScript or any 3rd-party software needed.

 High-quality, easy to use PDF creator.

 Append & Merge PDF files after conversion. (FREE PDF Merge Plug-in is required)

 Large paper size support for desktop publisher and CAD engineers.

 JPEG compression and Bicubic downsampling to produce smaller PDF files.

 Automatic font embedding for characters in all languages.

 Support Citrix and Microsoft terminal server environment.

 Uninstaller included.

 Now support Windows 8.1 32-bit and optionally support Windows 8.1 64-bit.

 FREE for personal and non-commercial use!

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