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28 Aug


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How to export to pdf in Indesign

August 28, 2014 | By | No Comments

We will export the pdf file after finishing the typesetting in indesign. There are two kinds of pdf files, for printing and web.
For web: the size of pdf file will not very large. So we just ensure the text and the picture can be look clearly. 
For printing: then it requires a relatively high accuracy of the source file. But there will be so many problem to somebody in seting up the expert of pdf. Now I wil try to explain it in detail and hope it will help you.

First, there are two kinds of method to open the exporting pdf menu: File > Export or Ctrl + E 

File - Export


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04 Mar


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Version Comparison: Adobe Indesign CS5 vs CS4 vs CS3

March 4, 2014 | By | No Comments

Which Version of Adobe Indesign do you choose?

When I started my career in the publishing area, I started to use the software of Adobe Pagemaker. Now Pagemaker is not the mainstream software. Instead, Adobe Indesign is more and more popular. The newest version of Adobe Indesign is CS6. The plug-in is more and more powerful and the operation is more and more convenient. About the details of the changes for the different versions, please refer to the official website:

Now I want to share some personal experiences about the different versions.

CS3 to CS4: About this version change, I think the change is not very obvious. But there are some functions very useful.

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