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Best DTP and Design Services For You!

Kylindtp is a pioneer in international marketing communication services combined with localization services in China. Kylindtp, founded in Shanghai in August, 2010, is composed of experienced DTP and design personnel and has served many worldwide known companies, such as HP, Bose, Lenovo, WD and Sony and so on.

Kylindtp provides professional DTP and design services. DTP services include User manuals, Service manuals, Training manuals, Marketing materials, Product catalogues, Product data sheets, Guide books, Packaging, Academic publications, Newsletters, Business Cards, Letterheads, Flyers, Forms, Menus and Pamphlets. Design services include design of logo, VI, album, product catalog, sample, enterprise's annual report, color page, foldout, poster, magazine and journal, congradulation and invitation cards, etc.

Kylindtp is looking forward to serving you. Welcome to inquiry!

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